So I'm basically a newcomer to Polymer Clay.   I've been dabbling for about a year and I find it relaxing, fun and rewarding.    The following are some of my collections of work that are available on my Storenvy site.  The thing that I find interesting is that I can look at a piece I did a few months ago and compare it to one completed recently, and there's a noticeable difference in the quality and style of the work.  Practice hasn't made me an expert (yet), but it certainly has improved my skills.

So I bring you my works in progress.  Please browse and check out my store or drop me a line to give me pointers or  suggestions.  I can't improve without helpful critique, so it's more than welcome.

Steampunk pendants using old
analog watch backings

Nothing like taking old watch parts and crafting something unique and different with it.  The following pendants all were made using actual watch casings from vintage watches.  Each piece is also adorned with watch springs or gears.  No two are alike, but they all are common in their theme.  If you're interested in any piece, you can purchase them at my Storenvy shop.

Check out my




Steampunk faux pocket watch pendants

These unique pendants are designed to look like an old pocket watch.  They have faux clock faces, hands and gears.  Each pendant is adorned with actual watch gears as well as polymer clay screws, gears and bolts. The focal point of these pendant are the clock and hand dials, that are purely ornamental (the watches don't actually work).  Someday, in another life maybe, I'll attempt to set actual watch movements in the clay.  But since I have no technical knowledge whatsoever on the inner workings of a clock, I'll stick with playing with clay.